Gilberto Ribeiro / Communication Designer
Last update: 15th April, 2020
Porto, Portugal


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How can we touch the world if everything around us functions as a distraction, if we do not control our decisions, not even our desires and if we participate in an increasingly programmed society, where the speed is so big that silence and space become a luxury? Despite being commonly understood as pure inexistence, with white space i propose to understand the thought and philosophy that links it to the consciousness of being, the possibilities of expanding critical capacity and respect for individuality, going against capitalist subjections and  against the life that takes us from ourselfs. This need for space (a consequence of the society that imprisons us), forces us to reflect on the possibilities of being, gravitating to some notions such as silence, emptiness and nothingness, vulgarities that, through their pre-understanding, prove only an incomprehension. An incomprehension that traditionally understands it as a simple absence, contradicting the great appreciation of philosophers, artists and designers where in some of these cases it is given an enormous existential, functional and deeply poetic relevance. In a second step, i try to elucidate on the deeply metaphorical and ambiguous character of the white space as: order and chaos; beauty and ugliness; Everything and nothing; beginning and end; luxury and banality, as well as absolute control and space for understanding, among others. About this nature, it is believed that the greater the presence of the emptiness the more importance we give to what is displayed, functioning as a protective and magnetizing frame (order) over chaos. This presence of emptiness calls for hypersensitivity, making every detail important and analyzed in the various dimensions of the senses. The white space works as an awakening of the senses where silence amplifies everything that is displayed and its communication reaches us in a single stroke. Consequently, there will be a survey of uses that serve as a form / concept, proxemic studies related to comfort and discomfort, as well as an understanding as a rhetorical element in its prominence as a common denominator of quality.

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Eduardo Aires

Adriano Esteves

ESAD Matosinhos, 2017

ESMAD, 2017

Encontro Nacional de Designers, 2019

Beauty in Design, 2017