Gilberto Ribeiro / Communication Designer
Last update: 15th April, 2020
Porto, Portugal

Here are some of my guides and beliefs in my action as a designer, teacher and personal life that over time I will be updating.
2019, 12 December.

Learn to say: thank you.
Trust in work.
More is excess. Less is the necessary.
Complexity without complication.
Intend for light, space and order.
Value imperfection, strive for perfection.
Don’t work just for your time. Future is more important than today.
Beauty? Don’t work on it directly.
There is no reason, only suspicions. Invest in intent, meaning and consciousness.
Learn about difference and coexistence.
What is normal any–way?!
Don’t be afraid of the absurd. Godness lives next door.
Get away from the shortcuts.
Talk about what you know. Otherwise, listen.
Don't pretend. Pursuit truth, honesty and transparency.
A sophisticated mind designs to last. Design is responsibility.
Accept failure, inability, but never contentment.
Creativity is the result of a failure. Fail to succeed.
The transformation of reality must be susteined by the creativity of people of values.
If it isn’t accessible, it isn’t done.
We spend a lot of time justifying a supposed originality, instead of assuming an ability to integrate others.
Rudimentary and primitive is better than cool.
The work of a designer carries better policies than a politician.
If don’t challenge, interrogate and provoke, you don’t respect the public.
If asks for atention, you don’t respect de world.
It's not about you. It is not design by itself. Is about being human.
Even if you can't move, you have your mind, your memories and your imagination.
We must constantly pursue the mission of fraternity, even though aware of its utopian possibility.
Take time to smell the roses.
Learn design through people and nature.
Drink a lot, fuck a lot, laugh a lot. The world is in your body.
Prejudgements reveal an ignorance.
If you are nice, the whole generation will know who you are. If you are great, you will live forever (but anonymously) in each of us.